Guidance in choosing a therapist

Questions you might like to Ask When Choosing Your Therapist

At the moment there are no regulations in therapy. Literally anyone can set up and call themselves a therapist or counsellor. It is important you ask the right questions.

  • Ask about the therapist’s qualifications. The therapist should have at the very least a diploma in counselling.
  • How long has the therapist been practicing as a therapist?
  • How long was the training process?
  • Does the therapist continue with professional development?
  • How many counselling hours has the therapist done?
  • What experience has the therapist of your particular difficulty?
  • Does the therapist adhere to a code of ethics? Which one?
  • Is the therapist a member of a therapeutic organisation? Which one?
  • Does the therapist enter into his/her own personal therapy?
  • Does the therapist have regular on-going individual supervision?
  • Does the counsellor carry public liability insurance?

There are also questions you might like to ask yourself:

  • Would I prefer a male or female therapist?
  • What do I hope to achieve from therapy?
  • How committed am I to the process?

It is a good idea to meet with several therapists to find the right fit for you. The relationship between you in you and your therapist is all important.